Web presence importance for small businesses

Small businesses have a tendency to operate in their local vicinity or simply stay focused on their state or country. However, those with good ideas should do everything in their power to become more visible on the market.

One of the best ways to do so is by creating a dedicated company website that you can rely on 24/7. There are a plethora of benefits to having a website, and the importance of creating one as soon as your business is up and running cannot be overstated.

  • Increased reach and conversions

Reaching new audiences can be slow and unreliable if you rely solely on offline promotion. While people still buy newspapers and visit shopping malls and similar pedestrian areas, chances are that your target audience is a bit more niche.

Having a website that you can promote with a simple click of a button through social media and affiliated websites is much easier and reliable when it comes to reaching new customers. Not only that, but those same customers can refer their friends to your website if they deem it interesting enough, which is far less likely when dealing with offline marketing.

  • The professional channel of communication professionalism and dedication you put into your business.

Even small businesses need to think about eventual expansions and partnerships, which is where websites come into play. Having no reliable website to speak of makes your brand and business seem shady to a modern eye. Avoid any suspicion and allow your brand some breathing room online in the form of a website.

  • Credibility and testimonials The Word Point to curate and format customer testimonials into effective promotional material for your customers is essential in today’s day and age. This lends your brand more credibility than any other form of promotion that you might be considering on a local level without employing a website to do so.

  • Dedicated customer servicecommunicate with customers and quickly fix any mistakes that you might have made.

  • Becoming competitive on the marketmake your brand stand out from the crowd? It all depends on the way you go about things once the site is up and running. Good web design and flashy effects will only take you so far if you don’t listen to feedback and innovate. Be pro consumer and strive to develop your business in any way you can.

4 Constructions You Should Avoid in English Writing

Written English is necessary no matter what profession you chose to take up. Some people need English writing basics for their studies and academic papers while others rely on it for their business correspondences.

No matter what application you opt for, there are some serious mistakes that you can easily avoid if you know some basic grammar. Written English is slightly different than spoken word in a way that it allows the reader to easily spot your knowledge of the language. What are some of the most illogical sentence constructions that you should avoid?

  1. Bad comparison

Comparing object A and object B in writing is nothing special to write home about. However, sentence constructions such as comparison can make the reader scratch their head in confusion if not done right. For example:

“English steamboats travel faster than French.”

This sentence can tell you one of two things – and one of them doesn’t have anything to do with steamboats. You can trick the reader (hopefully unwillingly) into thinking that English steamboats travel faster than French people since you haven’t finished the sentence properly. Adding “ones” at the end of the sentence is one of the elementary English writing rules you should work on grasping.

< > Using “because” and “due to” “Because of the weather, the professor had to skip the class.”

“The weather made the professor skip the class.”

You can easily see that the second construction is far less convoluted and delivers a point to the T. This goes to show that you can complicate a simple construction by trying to make it more complex and profound. Apply some English writing practice to your every day and work on simplifying your thought process.

< > Use of passive voice “The car was fixed by me.”

“I fixed the car.”

As you can see, using passive voice to deliver a statement that involves you as a speaker is confusing and overly complex. This sentence construction can easily be avoided by not using passive or by visiting The Word Point and getting your sentences checked by a professional writer.

< > Using the word “different” “The ingredients I used today are different.”

“I used a different brand of ingredients today.”

Putting an emphasis on a further explanation of your difference is essential in properly constructing a written sentence. English writing and reading skills come with time and you should expand your vocabulary as much as possible in order to better define these differences.

In Summation

A good writer knows when they are wrong in constructing a sentence. Referring to online resources and reading as much as possible is a good way to work on your vocabulary as well as sentence construction skills. Never be shy to double check your writing and make sure that written English is as perfect as it can be, no matter the application.


Functions of Company Image

So why do we care so much about the company images anyway? I mean, it’s not like it decides what kind of product your company produces, or what it’s like to work there. In the same way, it has no influence on whether your customers will get their product on time, or whether they’ll get the support they need.

In fact, the company image is an entirely abstract concept. It isn’t even really measurable. It is – quite literally – just a bunch of people’s opinions. Should you even care about it?

Well, yes. People opinions matter – particularly if those people are going to buy your product (and as we don’t yet have many robots who want to buy products, that means that images are important).

Where to start

The best places to start by creating an image is with such places as websites and the content that goes out through such tools and your newsletter and interviews. This will create a good guideline that you can then use to influence other image related matters for your company.

For that reason, it is very important that you have an idea of what kind of image that you’re trying to project on such forums. Make sure that they are the best you can make them and that they aren’t riddled with mistakes (so as to keep competence high) don’t be afraid to use outside council to get it right.

The best way to go about deciding what your image should be is to find the right interplay between who you are as a company as well as what your audience is like. There, between those two, you should find the right energy and image that will not just attract your audience but also be a fair representation of who you are as a person. That will make sure that it does not seem forced or fake.

Note that it is important that you do not just project your image outwards. You should also make sure that it holds true for everybody within your company as well. This can, as said before, actually create the environment that you’re trying to project, through the desire to reduce cognitive dissonance on a company-wide level. 

Your image is important. Can you manage without it? To an extent. Some people don’t care. Some people don’t believe what’s being said. It does make it a lot harder, though. It’s a bit like going onto the highway with a lawnmower. You’ll get there, but you’ll get there a lot slower than you otherwise would and you’re making things damn hard on yourself.

What’s more, when you get caught doing something (even if you don’t really do it) you’ll have a lot of explaining to do – which will eat into your time and your resources. 

So spend the right amount of time on creating a good image. In that way, you’ll have it in place when there is a problem and you’ll be able to deflect negative news simply by having that sterling reputation.

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